The newest major shareholder of American Defense Systems, EA Technologies USA (EA Armament & Surveillance Technologies Inc.) has announced its plans to call for a shareholders meeting for ADFS before the end of the year.

The acting CEO, stated, “We believe at this point, based on information provided to us today by unconfirmed third parties, that we can reach directly and via nationwide press, more than enough current shareholders to represent 51% of the corporate equity.”

“This being the case, our path to establishing a new board and management team has become considerably easier. We are therefore reducing our three-month time table, to just one month.”

ADFS has not had an annual shareholder meeting or publicized minutes of a directors meeting since 2014. The goal of the next shareholder meeting shall be to update the records of the corporate history, giving appropriate credit and recognition to the company founders and legacy; establishment of a new board; and the regularization of all regulatory paperwork.

All of the above statements and information are forward looking, and have no basis in current realities or trends. There is NO guarantee or promise of any performances or outcomes. Do not rely on this information in your decision to purchase or sell any publicly traded stocks.

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