EA Armament & Surveillance Technologies Inc. (formerly doing business as “EA Tech USA”) ends the year by severing it’s relationship with its Nigerian parent, of the same name; and seeking to rebrand itself with a new acronym “EAAST”.

The Nigerian parent, “EA Tech Nigeria”, divested it’s equity last week, with a private sale of 100% of EAAST common stock to a small group of New York based investors.

EAAST filed its most recent Form 4 with the US Securities Exchange Commission, on December 19th, 2019, indicating they now own more than 20% and continue to purchase common stock in the publicly traded American Defense Systems (OTC:ADFS).

The EAAST board has revealed they are nominating Mr. Ryan Reeves, of Maryland, a career mortgage banker, to be the next CEO of the New York based holding company. EAAST will also recommend Mr. Ryan Reeves and Mr. Wayne Wright, a career commercial banker, be accepted as a Director of ADFS.

All forward looking statements contained herein are projections, with no guarantees or promises, and have no basis in past or current realities. No person should trade any public stock based on the information contained herein.

For further information, please contact the Investor Relations Manager at info@eaastechnologies.com or visit the new website at http://www.eeastechnologies.com